life update and more ramblings

Well crew it’s been a while but I’m back…had a crazy couple of months trying to initiate a move back to Colorado while simultaneously dealing with the extensional dread that I love to blame on being an Aquarius. Though I do believe my therapist would disagree and have some other more “professional” terms.

Truly the world doesn’t feel so live, laugh, love and the urge to move to the smallest mountain town and working in the local coffee shop becomes more prominent every day. We of course are going to start in Colorado and then consider that possibility after some more thorough thinking.

I am going out of town next week to hopefully catch some northern lights and some cool fall views up on the north shore in MN. Planning to hit 4 cities in 3 days so more on that trip later. You can expect a travel blog for sure. I might even recap last year’s camping trip down in southern MN near Winona and do a comparison. Though with the northern lights and more vast wildlife I am sure the north shore will win by a landslide.

The world sucks and we prevail. Finding a job and place to live (as a renter) is insane and I have so much empathy for those in similar positions who find themselves also struggling. I have almost everything except clothing packed and interviews lined up. Manifesting this HARD!

I do hope everyone is well and getting along in whatever capacity that may be. I can’t wait to share my recent travels with you.

Until next time,


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