mirrored dreams: into the darker places of spirituality

I am going to preface by saying…

  1. I have no idea what is going on and my research is leading to dead ends.
  2. I am slightly unnerved by this event.
  3. If you have any insight or resources pleaseee send them our way!

I am rarely one to dream. Once in a blue moon type of thing. I would say that I never really have been an elaborate dreamer. I remember having dreams as a child, but nothing compared to the frequency of others. I did however experience nightmares and sleep paralysis. This is nothing new to me…the feeling of waking up drenched in sweat and tears as I tried to speak or cry or scream and nothing would come out. Over the years I have learned to calm myself during episodes of paralysis while I waited for my body to wake up with my mind.

I was not prepared, however, for this one. About a month ago, I had experienced a nightmare coupled with sleep paralysis for the first time in years. Typically, I forget my nightmares…but not this one. In fact, I can still remember the scuffs on the baseboards in this house.

I am going to attempt to explain this house to the best of my ability. If anyone knows the specific architecture, PLEASE tell me. The best I could come up with is a mix of a victorian/colonial farmhouse.

The style was similar to this.

There were these houses that used to have a square shape in which you would walk into a front foyer with a staircase to a second floor that had an exposed u-shaped balcony. In the foyer there would be an entrance to the left and the right into two sitting rooms. Then the kitchen and dining room would be in the back half of the house. This style house was set up so that you could essentially walk the perimeter of the interior in a square shape. There would also be a hallway that would run from the foyer to the back of the house and there would be a bathroom in this hallway as well as an entrance into the back two rooms.

Now let’s talk about the substance of the dream. I still can feel this feeling a month later. I KNEW that I was looking for something. I didn’t know what I was looking for, but I also knew that I would immediately know when I found it. I felt uneasy, not scared, but a general uneasy feeling. I also wasn’t in a rush. I was walking around the first floor-kind of doing circles-while searching for this item. From my POV if you walked in the door, the staircase was on the left side of the foyer (same as floorplan). To the left was a sitting room with a traditional 1900 set up. To the right was a room with a grand piano and books. As I was walking past the staircase to enter the sitting room I stopped. I knew that I wasn’t alone, and I took a couple steps back and my face panned to the left to look down the hallway.

Down the hallway was a girl, except I knew she wasn’t human. The thing was bent down picking up a toy and when I looked it halted movement. It slowly looked up and then forcefully charged at me…

and like that I was awake.

Only I wasn’t awake. I was choking. I could feel a heavy pressure on my chest and neck. I was being strangled. I couldn’t move as my body was in paralysis and I couldn’t scream. And just like that it was done. I suddenly felt all of the weight release and could breathe again. I was crying and still in paralysis for a couple more minutes before I could get up and move.

Needless to say, I didn’t sleep anymore that night. Following this night terror, I have been noticing an increase in odd happenings. Such as hearing a woman hum, my journal and purse moving, plants all of the sudden dying, and my tank animals dying despite the water parameters being stable.

I was scared but I went about my life and moved on, up until recently. While on a facetime call with a friend, I had discovered something bone chilling. As I was telling her about a crazy dream…she suddenly started to fill in the details. The details of the house, the “girl” in my dream, and startling awake in a sweat unable to breathe. Everything was the same thing I had witnessed, except…opposite. In her dream-the staircase was on the right and the sitting room on the right. The room with the piano on the left.

My friend had the same exact dream-except mirrored.

Obviously, this was unsettling, but it gets more interesting. If you know me, you’d know that I document my whole life through snapchat stories (lol). I had a video saved from the morning after this dream and therefore, I had a date. Luckily, she also documents her life through snapchat stories. The time stamp on our videos read January 25th. My friend had the dream the morning of January 25th (would’ve been the night of January 24th) and later I went on to have the dream the night of January 25th.

This is not something we discovered until months later. Now, we are both spiritually inclined people. What. does. this. mean? This truly is no coincidence.

If you are reading just out of interest, then thanks for the read! However, if you know anything about this, OR if you could point me in the direction of someone who does- that would be greatly appreciated. Let me know your thoughts!!

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