ukraine-russia tensions: peace talks or diversion?

Update on Ukraine:

There is a large Russian convoy, more than 3 miles long, with resupply moving toward Kyiv. This is obviously not a great sign as Putin announced a desire for discussions of peace. I don’t believe it. President Zelenskyy doesn’t believe it. I believe it is a mission to stall while they are able to resupply the soldiers surrounding the city. If it doesn’t happen now…it’ll happen later. Putin doesn’t want peace, he wants power.

A couple of updates…

The entire UN will be meeting in order for every country to have a say on the war. I am hoping to hear everyone condemn Putin for his actions.

NATO response force was activated for the first time. There will be 40k troops along with 7k USA troops that will be sent to neighboring countries as tensions increase.

The entire airspace has been shut down. There are no flights allowed in or out of Russia. Any Russian aircrafts will not be able to pass over European, US or Canadien airspace.

Protests have been increasing all over the world. People are standing in solidarity with Ukraine.

In Ukraine, there has been training of everyday citizens. Preparing them to fight. There have been videos popping up of soldiers running training for non-military persons.

My thoughts:

In Russia… I hope (fingers crossed) that this will be the end of Putin. From hearing the threats of our world leaders to hearing the cries of anger from citizens of Russia-I think this could be it. Besides the old people (alive during the USSR), Russians don’t want this. I think that we could see a potential overthrow. I feel like this world is long overdue for a good old-fashioned coup.

In America… watching American republicans such as Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump support a fascist makes me furious. To watch all other former presidents come out and condemn Putin- as they should- but watch these loud republican voices praise him hurts. It also makes me feel grateful that he is not the one managing this situation.

I just cannot fathom the American’s who still are backing that atrocity of a human. Actually, I think calling Trump a human is too kind. He’s a monster. He certainly does not believe in democracy, and he has proven that time and time again. From claiming a rigged election, asking his followers to attack the capital, and supporting a fascist…this man does not believe in a democracy.

This night will be long. These next few days will be long. I am anxious to see this play out. But I will be present and updating daily.

Click here if you would like a place to donate or a news outlet to follow as this conflict unfolds.

Go take a bath and turn off your phone for a bit. I will be back tomorrow with updates.

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